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Meagan Brunet

A Bit About Me

If you are looking for a trustworthy Professional Organizer, you are in the right place.  I have been serving the North Bay Area and beyond since 2010. I started with small projects out of pure boredom, and found great satisfaction in how it made me feel to see that I had helped whomever relieve that burden.  I get so excited to see the look on their face and it was always a "WOW", which then lead to more projects. I have perfected my system in how I get things done and work fairly fast outpacing competitors.  I take great pride in providing outstanding service at exceptional prices.  Its why my clients come back to me time and time again, and it is also how I have been able to build my business off of referrals.  I have had numerous clients tell me that I come highly recommended.  About 95% of my clients turn to me for everything they need organized.  

From the moment you feel disorganized, it can be so hard to concentrate and be productive, knowing that you have that project to deal with that you may not even know where to begin.  Maybe you need a functional closet designed, or your pantry might be in disarray, or possibly you are moving into a new place by yourself or combining two households and need help organizing and setting it up,  Perhaps you are unable to get much done in your office and need assistance in creating a more efficient paper management system, or you have a storage unit or two that need to be organized and labeled and or combined to save money.  Who doesn't need a little extra help with the organization of their attic or garage or shed that has twenty years of boxes that no one has looked through in ages.  Maybe you would like to turn one of those spaces into an arts and crafts room for yourself or a distance learning classroom for your children.  

No matter which area of your life needs organizing, let me help get to the solution.  I am no stranger to hard work. I have transformed and created so many spaces and have freed many people of the cluttered, disorganized mess they faced that had been weighing them down.  I have the experience in organizing work projects for companies, event planning, estate prepping, and in my early years, I volunteered many hours for free or nearly free, gaining experience working with all types of people, and their vast variety of projects and different styles of organizing.

Plainly put, I just love doing it.  There is no greater joy for me than beginning and finishing a project, and the sense of relief I can feel that has been given to each and every client, after lifting that burden of weight off of their shoulders.  

Book an appointment with me now, to get your In-Home assessment completed and take the next steps to improving your way of life.

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